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THE ASTER shines in the historically prestigious Happy Valley with its one-of-a-kind architectural beauty, evoking dynamic energy, chic extravagance, and an exciting atmosphere.

The Building offers 106 units, most are two-bedroom apartments with the sizes of 619 and 698 square feet – giving off an impression of spaciousness. It redefines a new way of living with the concept of shared space. The clubhouse consists of three themed areas: the Shared Leisure Zone, the Green Garden Relaxation Zone, and the Sky Recreation Zone. Here, residents can share laughter and forge new connections with friends.

Branksome Grande

3 Tregunter Path, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Century Towers

1-1A Tregunter Path, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Constellation Cove

1 Hung Lam Drive, Tai Po Kau, Tai Po, New Territories

Dragons Range

33 Lai Ping Road, Kau To

7A Shan Kwong Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


Tel (852) 2568 0500

The Altitude The Bloomsway
Residential (Hong Kong)