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Hangzhou Kerry Plaza


Situated on Dongxin Road of Gongshu District, Hangzhou Kerry Plaza stands at the historic cradle of the city’s modern industry, where such a heritage site was once the thriving industrial heart of Hangzhou in the 1950s. As an urban renewal project, Kerry Plaza has been transformed into a comprehensive urban lifestyle destination together with nearby residential and commercial establishments.

Spanning over one kilometre along Dongxin Road, Hangzhou Kerry Plaza comprises five distinct zones, with a total GFA of 250,000 sqm. The vibrant hub combines retail experiences, Grade A office buildings, residential developments, long-leased apartments, and the exquisite Hotel Jen by Shangri-La.

Retail experiences are designed with a unique mix of shopping, dining and entertainment in an exciting setting of arcades (The Mall), lanes (The Village), and marketplace (The Market).

Beijing Kerry Centre
Mixed-Use (Residential • Office • Retail)

No.1 Guang Hua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Fuzhou Rivercity
Mixed-Use (Residential • Office • Retail)

Junction of Nanjiang Bindong Avenue & Jiang Feng Road, Fuzhou

Hangzhou Kerry Centre
Mixed-Use (Residential • Office • Retail)

385 Yan’an Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

Nanchang Mixed-Use Project
Mixed-Use (Residential • Office • Retail)

Honggutan District, Nanchang

338 Dongxin Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou


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