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Jing An Kerry Centre


Customers can indulge in the multi-dimensional leisure activities and dining options that Jing An Kerry Centre offers. Located in Nanjing Road, Jing An Kerry Centre is the epitome of style and trends, facilitating fusionists’ stylish self-expression with its selection of innovative designer boutiques. Jing An Kerry Centre - Chic milieu, always.

Wuhan Development
Residential • Office • Retail

Tianjie Block (Land Parcel No. P(2018)090), Hanzheng Street Central Service Area, Wuhan

Zhengzhou Development
Residential • Office • Retail

East of Huayuen Road, South of Weier Road, Zhengzhou City

1515 Nanjing Road West, Jingan District, Shanghai


Tel (8621) 6025 7511

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