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Building Our Community

In addition to enjoying a healthy environment and a strong economy, sustainability is also about the well-being of people living in the community, as stated in United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. To enable us to make a positive contribution to society on an ongoing basis, we now utilise a variety of channels to understand community needs and engage local stakeholders in the process of community building.

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong in early 2020, we took prompt action in partnership with various charities to distribute daily essentials, food and
infection prevention items to the underprivileged and those at the greatest risk. As the health crisis lingered on, we expanded our collaboration with more social service organisations to help meet a broader range of needs.

Making Our Community Thrived

Our Mainland teams combine healthy practices with community contributions. In the 66-day Step Challenge programme operating from October to December 2020, our colleagues received a reward for every 10,000 steps they took during a day, the reward being a donation made by the Group to the colleague’s designated charities. Local teams also planned a range of events to motivate colleagues to join this meaningful initiative.

We also endeavour to create value for communities through business innovation. Night markets have proven to be a sustainable and scalable business model in the Mainland, boosting consumption and stimulating overall economic revival in cities amid and after the pandemic. Following the night market in Jing An Kerry Centre in 2019, the launch of GREEN ESCAPE ST. in Hangzhou and the staging of the XMT Night Market in Shenyang created further enthusiasm for the night-market economy. Apart from savoury food and music, an array of lifestyle activities and arts booths also helped attract a significant footfall and pulled the community together in tough times.

Helping from Our Heart

To strengthen the impacts of our community investments, our staff members arranged on-site visits to the charitable organisations in order to listen to and collect feedback from the beneficiaries. Through direct communication, we are able to allocate our donations to better respond to community needs.

We believe all acts of kindness are multiplied when we join and act together. A dollar-for-dollar Matching Fund Scheme was firstly introduced in 2020 to nurture the culture of giving back to the community within the organisation. Under this initiative, staff donations to an approved Hong Kong charitable organisation are being matched by the Company.


Catering for The Community Needs

We recognise the need to help people achieve self-reliance especially when the community is going through a difficult time.

Certain sectors have been more seriously affected by the pandemic in 2019 and 2020, and the catering industry is one of them. To help reskill unemployed catering workers, we have introduced a Work Experience Programme to provide training and
internship opportunities in property management. Subsidies were provided during the training period, enabling the
candidates to experience different work aspects of property management. Candidates who completed the training were offered full-time positions with us.

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