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Senior Big Data Manager

Job Ref: PRC/SH/0318/030
Location: Beijing / Shanghai, PRC

What You’ll Do

  • Set up and improve the business data collection, integration, protection and monitoring processes and procedures as well as rules and guidelines;
  • Establish business operation and management KPIs, provide automatic analysis tools for the operation review and management review against the budget, forecast and operational KPIs; 
  • Drive the smart business data analysis automation, provide management decision making with the real time data support;
  • Lead internal and external team members to implement the big data analysis platform and rollout the smart data analysis tools;
  • Upgrade the data warehouse and computing capability with the new technology to ensure the big data platform speed and reliability.

Who You’ll Work With

  • Working with internal business users and managers
  • Working with external vendors and customers

Who You Are

  • You are a professional with the ability to lead and drive the company big data platform set up and upgrade the data analysis automation level.

You would have the following competencies and professional experiences:

Seeks opportunities for improvements through challenging assumptions, performing detailed analysis of current state, and to implement new ways of working;

Be a change agent to facilitate transformation processes;

Adds Value - Identifies new value propositions and articulates these with clarity. Understands the current business model and identifies what needs to be changed to deliver on these value propositions;

Technologically savvy - Uses technology to streamline workflows, facilitate the deployment and collection of information, and to assist with effective decision making and problem solving;

Builds Teams – Is a relationship builder and networker. Invests the time and effort building departmental and cross functional teams. Ensures teams are clear about their goals, roles, and work processes;

Develops Solutions – Deals with obstacles and problems in a timely manner. Works with others to generate creative and innovative solutions to deal with issues and problems that hinder performance;

Field Specialist - Is considered an authority and leader in his/her field of expertise.  Constantly learns, reads widely, and is curious and inquisitive. Keen to stay at the top of their profession.

If you are interested in the post, please send your application with full resume, date of availability and expected salary to