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IT Project Manager

Job Ref: PRC/SH/0318/028
Location: Beijing / Shanghai, PRC

You are responsible for managing IT projects based on the business requirements, reporting directly to Senior Project Manager, coordinating the internal and external resources to ensure the project quality, within timeline and budget.

What You’ll Do

  • Lead project team to deliver the planned system functions within timeline and budget
  • Track project progress and actual spending
  • Manage vendor performance and solve issues 
  • Motivate the project team members to complete the project tasks timely 
  • Manage project quality to increase user satisfaction 

Who You’ll Work With

  • Working with internal business users and managers
  • Working with external vendors and customers

Who You Are

  • You are a professional with the ability to coordinate IT project delivery within budget, timeline and high quality.

You would have the following competencies and professional experiences:

Customer oriented – Understands and delivers on different customer segments and key stakeholder expectations. Anticipates future customer trends and needs and orientates the business to meet these goals;

Change Agent – Is able to initiate and lead change, up, down and across the organisation. Knows how to get others to listen and to commit to change initiatives;

Technologically savvy - Uses technology to streamline workflows, facilitate the deployment and collection of information, and to assist with effective decision making and problem solving;

Empower Others - Delegates tasks, goals and responsibilities to others. Ensures they receive the necessary training, organisational support and equipment to fulfil their accountabilities;

Coaches and Mentors – Effectively coaches and mentors others whenever the opportunity presents itself. Asks questions, listens, suggests, and encourages when working with team members;

Delivers results - Especially when working under pressure and tight timelines.  Uses pressure to their advantage.  Avoids accepting or making excuses;

Personally Accountable - Is self-aware, invites feedback, and acknowledges strengths and weaknesses. Accepts full accountability for own actions and decisions.

If you are interested in the post, please send your application with full resume, date of availability and expected salary to