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Implementation and Governance of Green Policy

Under the Group’s Environmental Policy, a set of principles has been adopted to integrate environmental considerations into the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all properties under our portfolio. In compliance with this policy, our operating units have adopted measures to reduce carbon emissions by conserving natural resources, limiting the use of energy, and minimizing and recycling waste. We also apply environmentally friendly materials and technologies to our works and operations, and go beyond environmental regulations wherever practicable. To further enhance the effectiveness of these actions, we encourage our consultants and contractors to join in the effort to realize our environmental commitment.

To benchmark our environmental performance, and to pursue continual improvement, we set annual objectives and targets for our headquarters and projects and also the properties managed by Kerry Property Management Services Limited ("KPMSL"). When establishing and reviewing these environmental objectives and targets, we take into consideration legal and other requirements, significant environmental aspects, technological options, financial/operational/business requirements, and the views of interested parties. These objectives and targets are consistent with our Environmental Policy, including the commitment to pollution prevention, compliance with applicable legal obligations and other requirements, and continual improvement. As at 31 December 2015, we have successfully exceeded most of the targets.

We have further set a long-term carbon reduction target for our headquarters and all managed properties: 23% reduction in electricity usage and 23% reduction in carbon emissions for 2020 compared to the base year of 2011.

A Green Procurement Policy and Green Procurement Manual have been implemented since 1 July 2015, covering all corporate supporting services and property management to extend the coverage of the Group’s green initiatives. The policy directs the Group to purchase environmentally preferable products and services with minimal or no adverse impact on the environment and/or human health, where practicable and economically viable.

In Hong Kong, the Environmental Policy is governed and guided by the EMS. The Group has achieved ISO 14001 certification for the Company’s EMS since 2011. The certification was also expanded to include KPMSL and MMSL. Our operating units in China have also begun the process of establishing an EMS and organizing the associated data collection and analysis work. For instance, the EMS of Kerry Properties Development Management (Shanghai) Company Limited, one of our member companies in China, has achieved ISO 14001 certification since 2010. The Group is making ongoing efforts to implement the Environmental Policy throughout all our operating territories.

Support of Green Organizations and Participation in their Activities

We believe environmental protection should be a joint community and industry effort, and we therefore actively support and participate in the initiatives of green organizations to help achieve our common goal.

The Group has been a Council Member of the Business Environment Council ("BEC") since 2013. An independent, charitable organization established by the business sector in Hong Kong, BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes supporting the city’s transition to a low-carbon economy. As a member, we look forward to working with the business sector to promote sustainable business practices in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Green Building Council ("HKGBC") is the leading body driving the promotion and creation of sustainable buildings and related standards, engaging with the community, industry and the Hong Kong SAR Government in creating a greener environment. The Group continues to demonstrate its support by being a Gold Patron since 2013.

We share HKGBC’s aspiration for quality and sustainability at every stage of the building life cycle, and embrace these principles as a mark of excellence. In addition, KPMSL continues to delegate a representative as a member of the HKGBC Public Education Committee. This voting membership allows the Group to participate in the committee’s drive to promote green building education and overall awareness in Hong Kong.


The "Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature" is an effective means to combat climate change in a city setting like Hong Kong, where electricity consumption accounts for more than 60% of greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions. The Group’s head office, Kerry Centre, MegaBox, Enterprise Square Five and 19 residential properties under KPMSL’s management took their pledges to maintain an average indoor air temperature between 24ºC and 26ºC under the 2015 charter organized by the Environment Bureau ("ENB") and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department ("EMSD").

MegaBox signed the "Waste Check Charter" of the Environmental Protection Department ("EPD") as a commitment to reducing and recycling its waste whenever possible. The scheme is implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. MegaBox is particularly delighted to have received strong support from its tenants for this waste management programme.

Enterprise Square Five is a supporter of the "HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Recycling Services" campaign launched in May 2015 by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency ("HKQAA"). As a Companion of this pilot programme, we are committed to collecting, treating and disposing of waste properly.

Marks of Excellence

The Group's head office at Kerry Centre and the common areas of the building were awarded EPD's Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") Certificate (Excellent Class) in February 2015. This is the highest recognition under the scheme, which commends good IAQ management practices.

The Group's head office also received the IAQwi$e Label (Class of Excellence) from the Hong Kong SAR Government's Environmental Campaign Committee in March 2015. The Class of Excellence is the highest level of the label awarded to organizations with achievements in promoting IAQ awareness amongst stakeholders and the general public, in addition to their own IAQ performance.

In May, "Class of Excellence" Wastewi$e Labels were awarded to the Group, MegaBox, and 29 properties managed by KPMSL. In addition to achieving the certification requirements, to be entitled to the renewal of the label, all our awardees have achieved at least one new goal concerned with motivating and supporting our business partners to join and obtain the label.

The Group was among the 80 companies and organizations qualified as Hong Kong Green Organizations in June 2015 for achieving their environmental goals and reducing their carbon footprint. The recognition is jointly managed by 11 organizations including the Environmental Campaign Committee.

Certificates were presented to the Group’s properties in August 2015 by the Water Supplies Department ("WSD") under the "Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water". MegaBox mall and Office Tower One received a Gold Certificate. Properties managed by KPMSL also applied for the certificate this year, but the result announcement was postponed owing to the enhancement measures of the scheme in December 2015 to include testing for heavy metals and the expanded scope of water sampling.

Green Actions

Behind the formal recognition of our environmental performance through various award schemes lies the deep commitment and enthusiasm of our employees, whose keen participation in a variety of eco-friendly activities during the year supplemented and enriched our corporate green initiatives.
In March 2015, Kerry Centre and MegaBox in Hong Kong, Kerry Parkside, Shanghai and Kerry Centre, Beijing participated in the worldwide ”Earth Hour” environmental action organized by the Worldwide Fund for Nature ("WWF"). We are delighted to be a part of this "lights off" hour, which sent a collective message that "We want to make a difference to our future". In celebration of Earth Day, our business unit in Putian, Fujian Province, mobilized a total of 700 staff members and clients in April to help send potted plants to the public, while promoting environmental protection.

A tree planting activity was staged in Beijing in May with the participation of more than 60 staff. Dragons Range in Hong Kong has also partnered with Trees4Trees to plant 973 new trees in Indonesia, one tree for each apartment of the development. Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation that works with local people in Indonesia to prevent deforestation and to re-grow forests.

To continue our support of resources conservation, KPMSL and MMSL once again signed up as supporting parties of the "Order less Waste less, more Blessings - Light Banquets" Campaign 2015, showing our commitment to food waste reduction. KPMSL and MMSL also took part in the "Power Smart" Energy Saving Contest 2015 which aims to achieve a record 30 million kilowatt hour reduction in electricity consumption, thereby preventing 21,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 18 properties managed by KPMSL and MMSL have joined this campaign to promote energy-saving habits. Both campaigns were organized by Friends of the Earth (HK).

Green Practices in Property Management

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint in the course of managing our properties, KPMSL has initiated and facilitated various recycling and waste separation schemes at different properties.

These included a programme organized by Green Glass Green to recycle glass at Kerry Centre in Hong Kong. The property has also received Certificates of Appreciation from EPD for its efforts put into the "Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme" since 2012, as well as being a participant in EPD's "Programme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste". To extend these efforts, the property management team at Kerry Centre has successfully solicited its tenants to support programmes to collect and recycle used printer cartridges and mooncake boxes.

A total of 24 properties under the management of KPMSL and MMSL have taken part in the "Wood Recycling & Tree Conservation Scheme" organized by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association.

The WSD's "Let's Save 10L Water" Campaign in March had the support of 26 of our properties under the management of KPMSL and MMSL. They participated in the campaign’s pilot scheme to install water flow controllers at clubhouses and common areas. By taking records of water flow data, they helped to monitor the effectiveness of the controllers in reducing water use.

Green Construction Site Award

This is the second year that the Group has organized this award, which it will make an annual event. The scheme is designed to promote green and healthy construction practices at all the Group's sites under development. Each construction site is evaluated by an assessment panel against a set of criteria including law abidance, site management structure, consideration towards the neighbourhood and passers-by, environmental performance, and innovation in green measures. Among the detailed aspects reviewed are air, noise and water pollution control; waste and dangerous goods management; training; and emergency preparedness and response.

Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index

The Group is delighted to be selected as a constituent member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index with effect from 14 September 2015. The index series covers corporate sustainability leaders in Hong Kong and on the Mainland. Constituent selection is based on a robust process that includes consideration of the results from a sustainability assessment undertaken by HKQAA. The process ensures that indexes in the series are objective, reliable and of high investability, providing benchmarks for sustainability investments.

Being a constituent member of this index series reflects the Group's strong social, environmental and corporate governance performance, especially our achievements in the area of corporate sustainability. We will continue to put forward new ideas and renew our commitment to the betterment of society.

Limiting Our Carbon Footprint

The Group's application for the CarbonCare® Label 2015 was approved in November. This was the first year that the Group received the label in recognition of our carbon reduction performance at the head office and all our managed properties in Hong Kong.

The CarbonCare® Label is a scheme that encourages and recognizes companies' efforts in their action to achieve carbon reduction by measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprints. The emission inventory, reduction and offset performance of the participating company must be validated and verified in accordance with a specific protocol based on international best practice. Having achieved 18% reduction in carbon intensity compared with the base year of 2011, the Group obtained a Starter Label in 2015.

The Group has also continued to maintain its listing on the online "Carbon Footprint Repository" ("CFR"), launched by the ENB and EPD to enable listed companies in Hong Kong to disclose their carbon footprints and share success stories on carbon management and practices. The Group was one of the first movers in disclosing and auditing its carbon footprints through the CFR.

This carbon disclosure initiative is supported by HKEx. In line with the recommended practice under the ESG Reporting Guide promulgated by HKEx, the Group has reported its GHG emissions and intensity, and measures adopted to mitigate such emissions and results achieved on CFR.