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Initiated by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service ("HKCSS") in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship, in particular by building strategic partnerships between businesses and non-profit organisations to help create a more cohesive society. The Group’s numerous caring programmes for the environment, for the broader community, and for our employees reflect our intense commitment to the principles underlying the scheme.

In March 2015, Kerry Properties was honoured to receive the "10 Years Plus Caring Company" logo for the second time, reflecting the Group’s long-term contributions to the community. The Group gave further support to the scheme by maintaining its membership of the Caring Company Patron’s Club as a Coral Member.

Our member companies MegaBox Development Company Limited and MegaBox Management Services Limited ("MMSL") each received the "5 Years Plus Caring Company" logo. The awards reflected their deep commitment to building strategic relationships with social service partners and inspiring CSR through various caring initiatives.

Educational and Vocational Aid for Migrant Students in China

Our staff and their family members in Chengdu and Beijing have volunteered to act as mentors to children of migrant workers under the Big Buddy programme. The Big Buddy initiative, launched in 2007 by the Kerry Group Kuok Foundation, aims to broaden migrant students' horizons through mentorship. Through letter-writing, cultural activities and games, the students can communicate with their big buddies in order to further their educational and career pursuits.

Many migrant children have graduated from high school or vocational training facilities with the help of the programme. Prior to their graduation, our staff members further engage them through counselling and corporate visits to help them make the transition into the workplace. Some of our business units have also provided internship and career opportunities to the graduates.

Work and Training Opportunities for Aspiring Youth and Persons with Disabilities

The Group supported several programmes aiming to provide training and job opportunities for youth and the underprivileged. For the second consecutive year, we offered trainee positions for 12 young people with an associate degree or similar qualification under the Customer Services Trainee Programme co-organized by the Labour Department and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ("HKFYG"). During the second half of 2015, the trainees received intensive classroom and on-the-job training in a variety of skills.

Under the Yuen Long District Secondary School Student Internship Programme 2015, organized by the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services and Yuen Long District Secondary School Heads Association, KPMSL assigned six Form 5 students to different properties for two weeks to experience building operations and learn the basics of property management.

Reflecting our support to the community, we continue to employ the Hong Chi Association ("Hong Chi") to provide lettershopping services on a regular basis. Hong Chi is a non-profit-making organization in Hong Kong dedicated to serving 7,000 people of all ages and all levels of intellectual disability and their families.

The Group was nominated to join the 2015-16 "Talent-Wise Employment Charter" and "Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme", organized by the Labour and Welfare Bureau ("LWB") in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, the Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities, and HKCSS. The programme aims to provide equal employment opportunities and an inclusive work environment to enable persons with disabilities to unleash their potential and fully integrate into the community.

Caring for the Elderly and Underprivileged

Staff members in Hangzhou helped with a charity sale event in June 2015 to raise proceeds to help local children with mental disabilities. Our staff team also visited a special school for the mentally challenged children and played interactive games with them.

In September 2015, staff of our Putian office took the opportunity of the Chung Yeung Festival to show their concern for the elderly by joining hands with the Medical School of Putian University to provide free health check-up services and promote healthcare knowledge for about 300 elderly people in the community.

Some of our staff members engaged in various home visit schemes during the year.  Staff members and their family members brightened the Lantern Festival for close to 90 elderly people by bringing them mooncakes, fruit and some daily necessities, and engaging them in cognitive games. The visit was co-organized by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

Our staff members attended a series of tours, a workshop and talks to learn more about the needs of our elderly and about poverty and housing issues. They visited sub-divided flats in Hong Kong and engaged in sharing sessions with the underprivileged families.

In March 2015, volunteers from the Mid-Levels property management team under KPMSL visited the Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre to understand and support their crisis intervention and counselling service to individuals and families suffering from a relationship crisis or trauma. Also during 2015, volunteers from KPMSL and MMSL visited the homes of 18 elderly people to provide cleaning service for them.

MegaBox Volunteer Team Activities

MegaBox continued to mobilize its staff teams in support of a diverse range of community, environmental protection and charitable causes. It provided a venue for charity sales of Hong Chi, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong), and Save the Children Hong Kong, and for a fundraising event of Médecins Sans Frontières. Meanwhile Mega Ice and the Jockey Club Wah Ming Lutheran Integrated Service Centre invited lower-income families from the Northern District to enjoy a free ice-skating session at the ice rink.

MegaBox staff participated in a range of voluntary service activities including visits to the elderly during the Mid-autumn Festival. In 2015, the team provided over 230 hours of service in total. Hong Kong Children & Youth Services awarded MMSL the "Caring for Communities Award 2015" and the volunteer team received a certificate of appreciation under the 2014-2015 "Hong Kong Citizen Hong Kong Heart" Volunteer Ambassador Programme organized by the Social Welfare Department. During this annual event volunteers made handcrafted gifts for sending to the needy.

The MegaBox volunteer team and MMSL also earned appreciation for participating in the "Social Capital Corporate Volunteer Challenge" organized by LWB. Under this scheme, staff volunteers are encouraged to suggest corporate volunteer services that can help develop social capital. This bottom-up approach originating from staff members enhances staff commitment to volunteering and strengthens their sense of belonging to the corporation.

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