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Caring for People

Team Building and Communication

A "Buddy Programme" is in place to foster team spirit among members of the property management division in Hong Kong. Now in its third year, this staff care programme helps identify and train enthusiastic staff members to play the role of buddies to new hires, helping them to better adapt to and establish connections in the new environment. This demonstrates to new members that they are welcome and valued, while the buddies themselves can find a sense of achievement through guiding others.

Through our quarterly in-house magazine, Art of Service, we continue to inspire our staff to strive for excellence and recognize those who perform well in their jobs. The magazine is also a platform where team members share their work experiences and customer service success stories.

Learning and Personal Enhancement

We support our team members' development and provide a range of learning opportunities for both their personal enhancement and their career development.

Strengthening of professional expertise is a year-round effort. In order to keep our staff updated on the latest technology and practices in the industry, as well as on the related legal developments, nine seminars on different topics were conducted during the year ranging from Building Information Modelling to green building development.

Apart from the command of technical knowledge and skills, a team with good inter-personal skills and self-discipline is crucial to the success of a corporation. A number of soft skills training programmes on effective communication, time management and creative problem solving have therefore been organized.

Extending environmental awareness and practices to all aspects of our operations is one of our core principles, and training in awareness of our EMS is therefore mandatory for the entire staff. Such training aims to raise staff's awareness in general and teach measures that can be taken in the office to help protect the environment. We have also sponsored our staff to attend a wide range of external environmental training courses, such as the Building Environmental Assessment Method professional training and examination and the Green Building Assessment Method.

To instil the habit of thinking out of the box in our staff and to boost their creativity for the purpose of improving our customer service and operational flow, a "Jugaad Workshop" on creativity was developed and was held regularly for the property management team. To sustain the creative culture, we also hold a bi-monthly "i-Suggest" competition to encourage contribution of creative ideas from staff.

To further strengthen our staff's environmental awareness in everyday life, two workshops, on natural body cream making and growing small plants in the office, have been organized. We also arranged a tour to the Yan Oi Tong Plastic Resources Recycling Centre, where staff had a chance to participate in the preliminary processes of plastic recycling.

The development of each project brings valuable experience for future projects. Quarterly managers' sharing sessions enable different teams to share their experiences gained, while second-tier members can learn for future development. Different department heads also take turns to host business knowledge briefing sessions to keep other teams updated on business operations. This has greatly enhanced overall efficiency.

Knowledge sharing is across borders. As part of the preparation for the opening of the Tianjin Kerry Centre shopping mall, employees from both the front line and back of the house attended an intensive training programme delivered by the Hong Kong Training & Development Department, covering brand values, service mindset and service skills. Valuable exchanges of experience and ideas between the Hong Kong and Tianjin teams have been achieved.

"7-Ups" is a three-month personal effectiveness training programme specially designed for the property management front line team using seven modules comprising workshops on communication skills, creativity and service English.

To facilitate clubhouse staff of our properties to organize residents’ activities, a "Make Work Fun Programme" is designed to teach them new skills and tricks, such as festive jelly candles making, magic tricks, and Japanese paper art. All the workshops were led by our own employees who possess these talents and skills. These workshops therefore also act as a platform where our staff can showcase their talents and feel appreciated by their colleagues.

Leadership Development

We constantly invest in leadership and in nurturing the next level of managerial staff to ensure management succession. In 2015, a new round of the "Accelerated Development Programme" for senior staff and managers was completed. Delivered through 11 workshops over 14 months, the programme has successfully instilled in participating staff an understanding of the core knowledge, skills and leadership practices crucial to creating long-term value for the organization, for leading effective teams, and for achieving robust results. Leadership flexibility and resilience are encouraged through the appreciation and application of a broad range of strategic, leadership, networking and management skills.

For the property management team, a four-module "Building a High Performing Team through Effective Leadership Skills Programme" was organized for managers and officers. Topics covered ranged from building a good leadership style to working effectively in a multi-generational environment.

Happy Company

Kerry Centre was among the 270 companies and organizations in Hong Kong pledging to foster a happy workplace culture under the "Happiness-at-Work Promotional Scheme" jointly organized by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. This is the third year in which we have been named a Happy Company for our commitment to fostering corporate love, insight, fortitude and engagement.

Healthy Workplace and Work-life Balance

Workplace health and safety are always an important focus for the Group. In July 2015, Kerry Centre made a pledge to comply with the "Workplace Hygiene Charter" of the Occupational Safety & Health Council.

Our Beijing staff team has found a way to stay healthy and green by "Running Beijing Kerry Centre" during their lunch break. During this inter-departmental race and every lunch break, lights and air-conditioning are turned off at the offices to save energy.

Our healthy workplace policy also extends to the maintenance of a sound balance between work and life. Interesting workshops have been arranged for staff members to learn latte art and to make DIY weather forecast bottles, while our staff members in Hong Kong have shown that they have got genuine talent in an in-house singing contest.