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Deputy General Manager/Assistant General Manager -Marketing & Leasing

Job Ref: PRC/SZ/1118/102
Location: Shenzhen, PRC

Building on the success the business has experienced in the past 40 years in Asia, Kerry Properties is getting ready for continuous and sustainable growth by reviewing the ways we organise and operate our business, as well as to seek and maximise new and existing business opportunities.


The Marketing/Leasing combines two traditionally separate functions of promotion and leasing, integrate all activities around a strategy building on strong brand identity, commercial offering as well as innovative and unique customer experience.


What You’ll Do

To formulize a cohesive strategy that aligns brand, commercial offering and customer experience across full business lifecycle. To develop concept and workable plans to deliver strategy with intended results.

Your key responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Project-specific strategy and plans of promotion and leasing
  • In-depth analysis of market, competition and customer insights
  • Concept proposal and initial market plan for new project
  • Marketing support to sales of properties
  • Build and maintain company brand assets and its application
  • Team and expertise management

Who You’ll Work With

Top management, Heads of all related functions, team members, Customers, vendors, consultants and relevant institutions

Who You Are

An industry expert with ample experience and knowledge; proven track record of marketing practices with successful footprints

Your professional experiences and key competencies would include, but not limited to:

  • Thorough and professional training and credentials at top industrial level
  • Manage complex relations and tasks
  • Innovative and resourceful
  • Passionate leader
  • Articulate and excellent communicator
  • Preferred adegree in Marketing
  • Extensive Experience in a leading role
  • Excellent command in both English & Chinese communication skills, fluent in Cantonese is an advantage